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Find UK Solar Panel Installers

If you are searching for a UK solar panel installers, just click on any of the counties or cities to find suppliers in your area. Compare prices yourself for suppliers in your area by researching local providers yourself! Find green energy facts from our range of articles on personal electricity generation so that you can make the best decision for installing a pv system for your home from diy systems or with full installation from accredited local suppliers.

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PV Installers

If you are looking to install a solar system on the roof of your home or for your business, the solar panel installers listed here are able to help. Browse this UK directory for listings of a range of UK based companies and contact them directly. Alternatively, you can use contact us to request a quote and we will forward your details to a listed installation company and they will be able to provide you with a bespoke quote for your home. The majority of installers will also be able to help you get through the minefield of grants, determine an accurate costing and provide you with information on how the panels work and microgeneration facts.

Find Local Installers Based in the UK

The benefit for you for searching through a range of solar installation companies in your county or city in the UK is that you can determine the right company for your solar panel installation. Whether you are searching for a business to improve your green credentials and reduce business costs, or to install an array on the roof of your house, the listings here will provide your with more information regarding installation and grants to help you make the best choice. This will include a full specification for the pv cells to be installed and a range of the latest panels for sale from each different installation supplier. The energy created can then be used for water heating and electricity that can be supplied back to the national grid and you will get paid for the electricity generation.

Alternative Electricity and PV Grants

This is a new form of electricity generation available on a much bigger scale than previously available. For the first time ever, you can generate your own electricity using photovoltaic panels so that you can manage your costs more effectively allowing you to budget for the longer term. Photovoltaic pv panels available to generate meaningful amounts of alternative electricity are the latest method for generating clean energy. You can earn money from the electricity generated thereby paying back your investment in this green method of electricity generation. The choice is obvious and with a range of grants now available, there is a clear economic incentive for you to go ahead with the installation process.

Our directory has been specifically designed to make it quick and easy for you to contact as many companies as you wish. Whether you have already decided that an installation is right for you, or you are still considering the benefits of installtion, such as earning money from an installation and saving money on your electricity bill, all of the companies listed in our directory will be more than happy to talk through the process with you.

Use our simple contact form, found on each installers' individual page, to request further information or to book a date for a survey and quote. By contacting the companies through our directory, you will be under no obligation to take up any quote or offer, but it will provide you with an opportunity to talk to an individual company, highlight any concerns or special requirements you may have and most importantly, find the solar pv installers you are most comfortable with.

Solar Panel Installation

PV technologies are here now, start generating clean electricity from photovoltaic panels for heating systems, water supply, swimming pool heating and much more, contact your local company now using our listings. If you are an installation company and would like a listing here, please visit our advertising pages for help with a range of advertising options or call us on 01271 815024 to discuss any bespoke requirements that you may have.The main two options for installations; electricity generation and water heating. Quite often, property owners will opt for a combination of both systems, allowing them save money on electricity and fuel bills. Photovoltaic panels which generate electricity are the most popular options, as this allows you to benefit from the Government's Feed in Tarrif, where you not only generate your own electricity, saving money on your electricity bill, but you can also get paid for the electricity you generate, saving and making money at the same time. If you think you would like to benefit from such a system, have a look through our directory for solar pv installers in your local area.

The Green Deal

The Government's Green Deal Scheme is an initiative aimed at improving the energy efficieny of buildings across the UK. The scheme enables homeowners, tenants and business property owners to reduce their fuel consumption by installing more energy efficient systems and reducing sources of high fuel consumption, including draughts, old windows and inefficient insulation.

In order to make properties more efficient, tenants and property owners will be able to contact authorised Green Deal Advisors or Green Deal Providers who will visit the property and assess its energy efficiency. This will be put into a report along with recommendations on how the efficienty can be improved to create Green Deal Measures. Green Deal Measures can then be installed by certified Green Deal Installers at no extra cost to the tenant or property owner.

High installation costs are avoided through the Green Scheme Golden Rule, which states that all work undertaken as a part of the Green Deal must cost equal or less the money saved by having the work done and the work must outlive the duration of the time it takes to pay for the work.

Rather than offering Green Deal loans or sudsidies, the Green Deal work is applied to the property's energy bill and can be paid off month by month. Should the current occupier move out of the property, the payments remain at the property to be taken on by the new occupier.