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The Hot House Energy Company - Lancashire PV

Photovoltaic Panels provided and installed by The Hot House Energy Company are part of a unique collection of products which have been specifically designed to help reduce your energy consumption, bills and protect your home.

All of installations completed by The Hot House Energy Company are MCS Accredited, this means that can then customers benefit from the  Feed in Tariff, providing a return on investment. All installations are Renewable Energy Assurance Listed, meeting or exceeding the standard set by the renewable energy quality mark.

We use specialists for each step of the installation process of your installation, including experienced roofers who are responsible for installing the panels and qualified electricians will connect the panels to the electricity supply.

The Feed In Tariff sees the Government paying you for the energy you generate for at least the next 25 years, making renewable energy technologies and extremely tempting and plausible investment.

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